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Thank you for visiting Renuatum Skincare! We are an artisan brand that crafts all of our hand-made products in small batches with pure, natural ingredients.

Renuatum skincare was founded on the beautiful tropical island of St.Croix, in the US Virgin Islands. At Renuatum, we believe in taking a holistic approach to maintaining beautiful, healthy skin. Through the knowledge of Ayurveda, we understand and address the importance of good skin health. Our sense of touch, which is the primary sense of the skin, is related to the air element — being in contact with it twenty-four seven. It is essential to balance this quality by keeping the skin hydrated with appropriate moisturizers to maintain balanced healthy skin. Although, we can not hope to preserve beautiful, radiant skin only by what we put on our skin; Because the external is a reflection of the internal. Overall skin healthy will be a reflection of the overall health of each of us as individuals. Eating habits, nutrition, as well as the emotional balance, will also play a significant role in skin health. It is crucial to cleanse periodically and observe self-centering practices. Yoga and meditation are powerful tools to minimize stress. Consciously avoiding impurities in our everyday environment is also paramount not only to our skin but overall health.

The lustrous beauty of Ojas, Chi, or the vital life force energy can be seen radiating through a robust, balanced individuals skin naturally.

Our mission is to help everyone discover and radiate their true natural beauty.

Consciously yours,

-Renuatum Skincare

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